NFL Predictions Week Four: Jeff Reinebold slips further behind Neil Reynolds despite gutsy picks | NFL News

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NEIL PICKS: Buccaneers


"I'm taking Cleveland. I think they have an overall better football team and I saw some spark out of their defense against Chicago last week."

"This one is tough to call, but I'm going with the Rams at home because I really am a believer in what they're doing."

JEFF PICKS: Buccaneers

"It is going to be a hugely emotional game for Brady. He can say all he wants, and Bill Belichick the same, but this isn't 'just another game'. They both want it so bad.

Minnesota Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins is playing at an MVP level to start the 2021 season

Brian Baldinger breaks down Matthew Stafford's starring performance in leading the Los Angeles Rams to victory over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in Week Three

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"I'm going with the Bengals too, although I'm a little concerned about their defense which is a bit banged up on a short week. But Jacksonville are struggling offensively and it's not much better on the other side of the ball."

Los Angeles Chargers running back Austin Ekeler described Justin Herbert's progress from last season like night and day but believes there's still a long way to go

"If you put a No 12 and 'Brady' on his back, he would be. He has a 74 completion percentage, 318 passing yards per game, eight touchdowns and no interceptions. Vikings for the win.

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Tom Brady is set to return to Foxborough on Sunday night to face his former team the New England Patriots


Highlights of the matchup between the Jacksonville Jaguars and the Cincinnati Bengals from Week 4 of the 2021 season.


"The Rams have the big edge with the Los Angeles home crowd in that beautiful stadium, and I just look at their offense and say 'Wow!'. The way they can run the ball, what Matthew Stafford brings to them, Cooper Kupp is having an amazing year! They're a good football team and I'm just leaning their way."


"I agree though; I think that, while the Bucs secondary is banged up and they're not getting to the quarterback as much as they'd like, it's just too tall an order for Mac Jones and the Patriots."

NEIL PICKS: Chargers

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"I had very tempered expectations for my Raiders at the start of the season, but offensively they are really explosive. I've always liked Derek Carr, I never understood all the criticism levelled against him and he is currently playing at a very high level.

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"But I'm going for the Chargers in this one. I've seen enough from Justin Herbert to know that this kid is special, really special."

"I wish this game was two weeks away, with a bye week or something leading up to it, because with every press conference Belichick does, the more prickly he gets with the media - and that's when he is at his best!

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"Murray has played extremely well over the first three weeks. The Cardinals are maybe a team that has gone under the radar a little bit; they have a very talented defense, weapons on offense and the quarterback is showing some consistency - he was always so up and down previously.

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"But it's defensively where the change has come. They are so much better on that side of the ball."

"It's a very different proposition for the Rams defense this week, going from facing Tom Brady to Kyler Murray.

Neil now holds a 34-30 lead over Jeff on the season, courtesy of his Week Three score of 12 and Jeff's of 11, which was secured courtesy of a Sunday night win for the Green Bay Packers over the San Francisco 49ers.


"There's some guy called Brady who is apparently going back to Gillette Stadium. I don't know if you've heard this story?! This one is just fascinating!


"This is tough, but I am going with my guy Kirk Cousins. And I'll tell you why; they very easily could be 3-0 to start the season and Cousins should really be in the MVP conversation.

"I'm losing count now. I think it's 18 losses in a row for the Jaguars, so I've got to go with Cincinnati."

"The Raiders are the first team in NFL history to open a season 3-0 beating teams that all had 10 wins the year before.

"But I just think Brady's Bucs have too much firepower. I see Tampa Bay winning easily."

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